Awesome Opportunity to Blacksmith this Saturday (01/12/2019)


This Saturday we’ll be hosting the North Texas Blacksmithing Association at DMS!! It’s a great opportunity to come out and talk to/ learn from some experienced smiths and have some fun. You can, of course join the NTxBA if you’d like, their fees are $25/year.

No experience necessary, no cost, just come out and have some fun. There might even be a little breakfast.

From the Association:

What: January meeting for the NTxBA

Where: Dallas Makerspace 1825 Monetary Ln Ste 104, Carrollton Texas, 75006

When: Saturday January 12th @ 9:00 am

Demo: Punching Contest - see below

Trade Item: Bring something to show your skill at the Dallas Makerspace

Folks these are exciting times for the NTxBA. There is a lot going on and you need to be a part of it. I won’t try and cover everything, that’s what the meeting is for.

Immediately after the business meeting there will be open forging for all who would like to learn
how to Forge with Fire there will be experienced experts there to help All beginners give it a try!

Also there will be a short demonstration/ contest in a hot forging contest to see who can punch the best hole
per lesson #2 of the Controlled Hand Forging Lessons. This will be first attempted by the those of the board,
with the winner explaining their technique. Then we’ll open it up to the membership for a try.

All of our forges will be available for new and old members to give it a go. Senior members will be on hand for
questions and instruction.


@talkers @Kriskat30 any chance we could get some facebook posted love for this event? Here’s a cool photo:


Hey Y’all,

Bumping this thread and sharing some more info. A the meeting, we’ll be covering ABANA Controlled Hand Forging lesson 2 on Hot Punching. But what does that mean?

ABANA’s Forging Fundamentals program is a progressive set of lessons which emphasize ten forging fundamentals: Fire maintenance, drawing out, bending (including straightening), upsetting, punching (both through punching and ornamental punching), slitting, drifting, welding, twisting and joinery.

The focus of the program is five fold: To teach hand forging methods, present a curriculum which can be studied and in the home shop, explain a method for an individual to recognize his or her accomplishments, provide tolerances for comparison, and emphasize consistency in workmanship.

They want it known that this is but one path to learn how to forge, not the only path. They also want to emphasize that these lessons will teach only a process, and not a style. Their goal is to prepare the student to approach any facet of forging discipline and style armed with solid forging fundamentals.

As far as the lesson at hand is concerned, it’s about like it sounds- the proper way to put a hole or a recess in bars or plate by driving a punch into or through hot material.

More information can be found here:

Oh, and in light of recent announcements, I’ll add @Coul and ask for that facebook post again for the above event- thanks for stepping up.


On the FB calendar, please double check for accuracy


Looks good, but I think the first “T” got cut off in the event description. Thanks for the help!


Typo in the first letter of the first word. Nice.



Time to bump threads and provide even more info you didn’t want, but I feel like if the bathroom door post can get 346 views, this has got to be good for a couple hundred (I’m not looking for “evacuation” numbers here folks).

Some of you know, some of you don’t, that I hail from a burned-out land west of here that’s good for growing chiles, testing atomic bombs, and not much else. In that vein, I’m bringing the best of New Mexico direct to you… free of charge (no, not the Bomb).

In addition to all smithing knowledge you could possibly want, Saturday morning we’re busting out the griddle to cook some small breakfast burritos (I think y’all call them “tacos”) featuring authentic New Mexican Hatch green chiles and your choice of bacon or chicken sausage, or both, or neither, or whatever you want.

So, making stuff from near-molten metal, demonstrations, food, meeting people who are new to the space and know more than we do about some of this stuff, all for the low, low, price of $0.00. Get up and get to DMS Saturday morning.

It’s gonna be great.


I have a propane Blackstone griddle. Want me to bring it, too?


Sure! That sounds great.


Is it not cool to use the forge to cook the tacos??? I wish I could make it, good luck!


Only if you like them very well-done.


It’s happening today, gang! Don’t miss the fun. And games. And food. (DMS people seem to -really- like food…)


I’ve added “food” (in several variations) to the title several times now, and then chosen not to click the save (or undid it before the “sticking point”) because I wasn’t sure how @brsims Brad and the 'Smiths would feel about that. I know food is NOT intended to be the main draw for this, but having it in the title might snag a few looky lous who otherwise would pass.

Wish I could be there for the 'Smithing (and the Metal Shop meeting I’ll be missing, too).


My experience is that looky loos hear about or smell food and come running.