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@jast can you sticky in general, this is ON topic and succinct

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@jast … would you consider moving this to Maker Matters sub-section?

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I’d add to the list.

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+1 to hackaday though it was already there under community resources. But love to hear a few more suggestions.


Oops, so it was. Mea Culpa. Still on my daily visit list.


this list was just sent out from Nation of Makers
A curated list of some of the many Black Makers in our community

Every weekday in the month of February, our friends at Adafruit will be sharing stories and figures that honor Black History Month
Celebrating the rich heritage and innovations of Black inventors

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Supporting and celebrating Black engineers. Check out their #BlackSTEMLikeMe campaign!

@artlabplus (Art Lab Plus) - A free digital art studio for teens, housed in The Smithsonian Institute’s Hirshhorn Museum

@nccuFabLab (NCCU FabLab) - The Fab Lab at North Carolina Central University (a Historical Black University (HBCU))

@sjsacademy (Social Justice Sewing Academy) - An arts program that uses sewing as a vehicle for conversations, community cohesion and social change

@meetmakersofcolor (Meet Makers of Color) - Celebrating Makers of Color in the sewing and textiles community


re: 3D Model Resources isn’t really a marketplace, in that all the models there are free. Some of the models are “teaser” models with more extensive selections available via Patreon. - many 3D modellers have Patreon accounts set up which allow access to their library of models.

You could add, which includes both free and paid models.

TurboSquid free STL models
(For-pay models and other file formats available as well, including rigged models for animation - extensive library) is a meta search engine for 3D models. Shows models from many other sites. Use “Search Options” to the right of the search box to limit searches to free models, if desired). shows models made by other users as well as an online tool for making your own. Note: does not play well with some AV software. is the Uber of 3d Printing - it is a clearinghouse where one can get their part printed by others. Some are professionals, some are hobbiests. Includes both additive (FDM, Resin, powder printing, SLS) and subtractive processes (e.g. milling).


@uglyknees… personally I’d rather we don’t go there in favor of everyone is just as equal as the next person but since we’re going to include the usual #SJW positivity focused racism/sexism discrimination then…

Couldn’t find anything for the #thick/#fluffy aka body positive crowd; doubt it exists but since the maker movement doesn’t identify based on age, race, skin color, etc… we really shouldn’t be discriminating at all.

added the better ones.

Take your message here: info because you’re talking to a wall with me - I just copied and pasted what they sent out

Here’s the organization:
Good people, everyone should join

great and we already had nation of makers on that list. Any additional items that are an actual resource like tools, equipment, supplies?