Availability vs. Classes


Hello friends. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I have definitely missed DMS in my time away but in trying to get back I’m running into some issues and I wanted to bring it up in case someone has suggestions.

I am looking at the schedule trying to find a time to get in and use the wheels again. Since it’s a bit of a trek from my house I try to find times that I could get in a few hours. Generally I work until 5:30pm on weekdays and I’m available to go by evenings and weekends. When I look at the calendar it seems like the space is booked basically every night and 75% of the weekend for the next several weeks. Is this accurate? If so, is it worth limiting how many nights a week we have throwing classes so people can find open times to use the space?

Open to any thoughts/ opinions!


There’s a class noon on Saturday that is still open and free. Just signed up for it, maybe check it out.


I think she is asking when the wheels are open for individuals to work on their own.


Which raises an interesting question… Could @tinycupcake simply add an “Open Wheel” event to the calendar so the equipment could not be sequestered for classes?


Though it borders on reserving a tool, the system currently allows it.


Friday’s event is in a class room, so the wheels should be available? Class on Sunday doesn’t start until 5.


Only if the event is listed as Open Wheel for @tinycupcake ONLY. :wink:



You may find it useful to poke the By Tool button near the upper-right corner of the calendar page and select Pottery Wheels to see when the classes are.


Cool, did not know that.


While the Thursday night demo seems to use the wheels, they’re probably still open for regular folks to use. You can check by seeing if there are spaces open. The # of spaces in the demo is only 4, so there should be at least one wheel available. While you’ll have to use the odd concrete table for wedging, the wheels will be open during handbuilding classes.