Availability of printers upon reopening

Does anybody know if they 3d fab lab will be up and going when we reopen tomorrow

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Calling @Team_3D_Fab

The printers being returned to Makerspoace as we speak, so hopefully we can get them up and running for tomorrow


I was there last night but the PC wouldnt load desktop and was having a hard time logging in.

Looks like another opportunity for you to help out, @Chris_Fazio!

I asked Chris to look into them yesterday, i wont be able to make it up till thursday, I ill see if i can get john Gorman in today if not I will have to write up a ticket

I’d love to help if I can in any way. Competent with computers but assumed out of my authority.

I tried Atleast, unfortunately I’m unable to say I fiugured it out but I troubleshot it for a good it but was unsuccessful

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