Automotive manuals

Do we have automotive manuals? I remember discussing purchasing the software a couple of years ago.

I need to swap out the catalytic converters on my 2008 Honda Odyssey, and youttube is failing me on this one.


We do not; too many subscription services, vehicle cases, and other things to keep track of.

You can buy limited time access direct from Honda and use their website, or you can try and get a hard copy

I’ve had mixed results with the Haynes books though I was often messing with stuff the factory didn’t want me to, but for repairs like this I’d reckon it would get the job done:

Personally I’ve used the Honda system when I’ve needed it, but it’s pricing can suck depending on how you use it. I usually would pull a ton of info in one go rather than one specific repair

They want $25 for one day of access or $125 for a month

Thank you Jim.

My experiences with Haynes/Chilton made me def not a fan. But it is affordable and readily available online. I pray they have improved.

Wow. The Honda service pricing is crazy.

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Yeah; Every time I’ve used it I ensured I downloaded as much as I could that I figured I would need in the future to make it worthwhile. It has some stuff I haven’t seen in any other sources.

Haynes is avail online too.

Difference is you can get the manual for $15 on amazon, whereas for the same price you lose access after a year on the website.

I’m not sure that Haynes ever updates anything in their online copies or if it’s worth that fee. If you use the online service let us know how it goes

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Lewisville Library (and many others) has the best solution. Access to the Chilton Library via TexShare database.

Librarian Kelly Brouillard even made a video for me on how to access it.

"What may be of greater use is our online access to the Chilton Library. This is basically the Chilton manuals in digital format. The Chilton Library online is available through our TexShare database collection. Here’s a short video showing you the steps to access the Chilton Library from our website: "


Has anybody tried Car buddy says that’s what repair shops use. If you go to their site and click on alldatadiy button at the bottom it brings you to single car pricing. $30 for first car for 1 year, $20 per year for additional cars. 5 Year subscription is $50 for 1 car and $35 for each additional car. My buddy does a fair amount of self repair and seems to like the product. Wonder if it’s better than Haynes/Chilton?

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I’ve used it, and at least for me it was hit or miss. It sometimes has diagrams, sometimes not. It had one part of a wiring diagram but not another. Though if you want to know book hours for a repair, they have that. If you get it, you’ll still need other references, though it’ll have things that Haynes/Chilton doesn’t.

I’ve taken to just getting factory manuals these days if I can.


(My last time using alldata was ca. 2005)
But like most “pro tools”, it expects a certain level of “expertise”. I usually think this is good. For example, step 1 is pretty well never “secure the car on jackstands” or “disconnect the negative battery terminal”.
And although it was a good all-rounder, nothing beats actual factory manuals, if this is for your very own daily driver that you’ll have for the next 15 years, just pony up. If you’re trying to run a repair shop and have good basic skillset, and/or network of supporting friends in the business, your story might be different.


This not what you’re looking for?
Cats are usually fairly easy to get at.


Thanks Adam. That’s about the only vid avail on it. It does show all the bolts, but he moves pretty quick and doesn’t show the best ways to access. Then he starts pulling out the radiator… I don’t want to do that again if I don’t have to.

Accessing pretty much anything in that engine bay seems to be a chore. It was so much easier to just climb into my suburban…

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How sure are you that

  1. Its actually bad cats and not sensors
  2. That you need to change both?

I have, use, and love Much more convenient, for me. Does take some getting used to navigating.

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I had a 2010 Acadia throwing a P0420 cat code. The dealer said I should start with an intake valve decarbon. It is a DI engine. They are known to carbon up the intake valves. I used some ACDelco X66P introduced into the intake manifold using a custom manifold I built to introduce it slowly through the break booster vacuum at 2000 rpm. After following the GM TSB for decarboning the DI engine and resetting the code, it has not returned after more than a year. So there is definitely more than one issue that can cause a catalytic converter efficiency code.


Have you purchased the Cats yet? If so, what brand of Cat are you going with as a replacement?