Automotive Lift RFID Changeover


as part of the cylinder rebuild, the changeover to RFID has been completed for the lift. Those who have not been added to AD properly after their training need to reach out to myself or another lift instructor, and complete the quiz located here (EDIT: to clarify, this is not a substitute for the class. However some members may have been around too long or instructor may have missed it. Taking the exam does not automatically put you in the AD group, still need to talk with the instructor or the committee):

To use the box, scan your fob. If authorized the contactor will engage (with a loud ker-thunk) and the lift will be live. If not authorized, the lift stays de-energized.
When done with the lift, badge again to shut it off; the unit will also auto-timeout after 5 minutes of inactivity.
If the unit seems to not function, and the member is in the AD group, the unit can be rebooted by throwing the lift power disconnect off and on. The unit takes about 2-3 minutes to be ready. @william_petefish and I abused the heck out of it and managed to crash it only once with conditions that shouldn’t happen, so I don’t expect this to be an issue.

There is an override key stored on-site. Since this is the first of these RFID units deployed, if something happens this key will be pulled and the unit put into override mode.


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Excellent exam. I missed 1 question. Good work on the backend

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Awesome, perfect score! Good test.

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@hon1nbo @Team_Automotive

Thanks for the work on the lift. Used it this morning and it works really well. However… The rfid / contactor enclosure is open and doesn’t appear to have a functional lock…

This is known; the screw keeping it closed sheared (chinesium screws). The lock present is an electrical override. We need to get a CAM punch to add a second key to it (one to open, one to override). We don’t want to require the override process to need sticking your hand in there.


I get “You need permission” when I click on the exam link.


You probably aren’t logged into your DMS Google account. This quiz uses Google Education to validate answers etc.

If you have never logged in before, go to any Google service and use your DMS username @ as the Google username.
It takes you to our SSO provider, Okta.
Here, use your DMS ID and password. On first time use it will ask some setup questions before taking you back to Google after logging in. This gets you your DMS email (free to use, but only required of chairs/officers/etc), team drives, and in this case Google Education

EDIT: Hansa, I also already handled your account. This is for people we can’t get the instructor to validate i.e. instructor is gone or non-responsive, or it’s too far back for people to figure it out.

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How do we check if we’ve been added to AD?

You can use the member kiosk in the common area. Scan your fob and it will list all of your trainings.

Alternatively send me your DMS username and I can check

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one may also log in here
and it will list your membership in AD groups (on the right hand column if you’re on a desktop browser; under the “hamburger” if you’re mobile).

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Thanks. :blankspace:

I took the lift class on Jan 8, 2019 with Joe King as part of the combined 101/102 class. I don’t see my name listed in the AD group for the lift. Guess I need to take the quiz and need to be added to the AD for the lift.

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Hi Kenneth,

yeah certain instructors had a lot of these they didn’t add to AD. Send me a PM with the info from taking the class if it was on the calendar. Otherwise PM me your DMS username, and take the quiz at your leisure.



The 102 is the right AD group for this, correct? (just making sure)

Yup, same one we’ve been using for a while. The hardware to actually check the group has been finally turned on.

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Lift RFID is currently in Override mode. I’m going to check the logs for what’s up. This is the first deployed of a different box design, and it’s first hiccup in the field. If people notice any issues please do let us know so we can track and identify root causes.

Please scan your fobs regardless of the RFID override for the time being; it helps us with debugging errors.


@Team_Automotive I took automotive 102 class on Nov 10th 2019. I have checked and my name is not in Lift AD group. Also when i click on test it gives me message of " Resource unavailable" i am logged in using my google account which i use as DMS user name

Are you logged into a personal google account, or are you logged into your DMS Issued google account? You log into that using the instructions here

I was able to logon using DMS issued google account and was able to take the exam .