Automotive Cordless Tools

It’s happening!

The stash of cordless tools is now being made available!

A new chest has been loaned in for the time being, and it has a pinpad. Following a model previously used by laser (cermark and other goodies at the time), and currently run in Metal shop, the tools do not require training but require showing up to a committee meeting or talking to myself or @michaelb

When Automotive 101 is back in gear then it may become part of that.

The next automotive meeting is this Sunday at 3pm (current plan is to have one the last Sunday of every month at 3pm)


P.S: the green tool chest has been rotated 90 degrees and some of the layout is in flux. This was done to get the pegboard more readily accessible to many members who have trouble reaching wrenches (I’ve had to grab wrenches for multiple members).