Automotive classes

Hello, i was wondering if anyone offers to teach any automotive related classes?
I have checked the calendar and the only thing i see is the automotive inspection.
Would anyone at DMS have interest in classroom type classes or ASE training type classes?


I would like to learn the basics, especially concerning suspension, exhaust, and transmission. I have a 4x4 pickup and I’m trying to learn more about it and its likelier failure points especially after an off-roading session.

There’s an automotive anatomy class being taught this Saturday, I really wish they had some extra room because I would love to be able to attend. More of those would be nice as well.

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An introduction to automotive type class would be good for covering the basics.

Even if it’s filled up, you’re more than welcome to come. I wasn’t sure if anybody was interested in those type of classes, but yes, come anyway!!


We did have an introduction to automotive 2 to 3 weeks back. We’re planning on having another one sometime this month but as far as the basics go for what you were describing in your original post that would be covered in the vehicle inspection class this Saturday.

Oh perfect! Thank you so much!

One quick way to see what’s on offer/coming up as far as classes in a specific committee area is to use the “Category” (something of a misnomer…) filter function on the DMS Calendar tool, e.g.: Upcoming Automotive Classes

That is good to know, thank you.

What would you like to learn?
ASE is a marketing tool.

It’s not obvious whether the OP is seeking to learn, or offering to teach …

Porqué no los dos? I would be willing to teach some classes here and there.
I would like to get more familiar with the dept and the tools available. I know some
things about automotive, i had ASE certs that expired last month lol. I’m not in the field anymore,
and I’m not sure i will go back to it but i am always willing to learn and share that knowledge.

Next time I plan on doing extensive car work - I will message you in the event you may be interested. MY next maintenance is not on a 4x4 but on a Mini Cooper and is a fairly long list.


I would love to help!

What do you drive or what year make model is your “project car/truck” ?

It’s a 2021 Ram 1500 Rebel

I am sure your Ram has more creature comforts than my 1978 Bronco!

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Wow! Beautiful truck. Those original style Broncos have one of my favorite silhouettes on any vehicle

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Thanks! I bought it at a sheriff’s auction. Some kind soul left it for dead on a Farm Market road about an hour out of town.
7.6L V8

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That’s some real good luck!! Sounds like I need to get myself down to a sheriff’s auction!

As long as you know what to look for - yes.

Before bidding on ANY auction item, be SURE you read the rules of said auction. Buyer beware!