Autoclave class/ use

Can I use the autoclave for sterilizing substrate and grain for lions Main and blue oyster mushrooms? If so I saw that the autoclave requires a class or a certification to use. I do not see one on the calendar…
Also how big is this autoclave? How many 5 lb bags of substrate can be sterilized at once?

It is a decent size autoclave. I don’t know the density of substrate, but it should easily fit 5 litres of stuff
Did you autoclave your substrate before? In particular, are you sure your plastic bags can survive more than 115C without melting? If not, then you need something to hold your substrate while being autoclaved. Unfortunately, we only have only thermal bottles with narrow openings. It will be pain to put non liquid stuff into them.
I can stop by after work pretty much any day and show how to use it.

In case you need a bottle, this seems like a decent fit. Need to verify that it will indeed fit.
You can stop by and check yourself. The autoclave is between the chest freezer and the hood.

We have mushroom growing bags somewhere. I think they are autoclave safe but I’d have to double check.

If you find one, just run it through an autoclave for a test. You can put it into an empty pipet box. So in case it melts, it is not going to end up at the bottom of the autoclave chamber.