Auto lift class

Hey there everyone! I’m looking to be able to use the auto lift ASAP. Can anyone get me trained up today or tomorrow (11/12 or 11/13)?

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I’m tentatively around this evening (~9 or 10pm), and I can also swing in tomorrow after work (~6pm).

The lift is first come, first serve. For a non-scheduled class I can’t make someone leave it if they beat us to it. however some are willing to try and accommodate if the vehicle is in a mobile state.

If another instructor is going to be around this evening chime on in. @Team_Automotive


That is perfect, I can be there tonight at 9pm! Thank you very much!

key word: tentatively. Depends if something I am doing wraps up at a reasonable time.

I’ll PM you my cell so you can check in when it gets closer.

I totally understand, thank you.

I may be down there as well around later this evening around 830ish and if so would be happy to help you with the lift training & and questions.


I would really appreciate that! Will you let me know when you’re headed there?

Hey there Tom, is it safe to say I can meet up with you there tonight?

It will be 945 - 1015 or so
If that works let me know.

Okay, no worries. I’m here now whenever you’re ready. No rush.

It was nice meeting you last night!

Thanks for helping out the guy working on his car on the lift !