August 25th Show and Share

Be sure to come by to the north lobby with a project to show off and talk about this Friday! We are going to have pizza for folks to come and chat!

See you then!


For anyone who is coming, I’ve got to meet a customer on the other side of town so I unfortunately won’t make it but there will be others there enjoy!

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We had 10 people show up for the Show and Share night. @ssuummyy showed up with the pizza (he had an adventure, so was a bit late). There were several good showing of things – some finished, some works in progress. Several people chipped in ideas about how to make the Christmas float.


Glad to hear this and sorry I missed it! Work is ramping up at the moment.

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I made a post early about the man who made the bolt . I guess I should have posted it here. Would you know how I can get in contact with him? I have some ideas on how to fix is rabbit problem!