Aug Electronics and AR SIG mtng


Wed Aug 8 7:30pm — 9pm
Purple Classroom

50 Chars - Seriously? :scream:


“AR SIG mtng”

Better watch out. People get nervous when you use AR as an acronym around here.


Yeah, They can come to the mtng
Might be disappointed.
On the other hand - An AR w/ An AR makes a good combo…


I wonder how useful it would be to have a AR-15 with a SDR duct-taped to it.


Doubt being duct taped to it would be useful unless it was some kind of encoded/encrypted remote…
Encrypted/secured SDR would be handy/needed should conditions become…

Schultz posted this :wink:


Ohhhhh…an SDR programmed as a GPS attached to an AR-15. Does that mean that Big Brother will now be able to track their exact location as well? Now, that’s scary.


Then we tie it to a weather balloon since it won’t have the altitude limit. Now it’s a science AR.


Altered/Spoofed GPS data.
Just keeps getting better.
And better…


AR = Augmented Reality?


I believe it was intended to be Amateur Radio.


I won’t be able to attend (Tue/Wed bad), but everyone should pester @sciborg to get an operating event planned! :slight_smile:


The one item that would have been the clear winner for my time during this time slot is not meeting this month. I now have a 3 way tie of alternatives.


What the f is AR?

Amateur Radio
ArmaLite Rifle
Augmented Reality
Armed Robotics
Adversarial Rascal
Arduino Revolt
Antenna Rebel


Are you sure you want to pester the “Voluntold”?

Just say’in…


Kinda like # 5
Covers many possibilities. :smirk:


We do need an Armed Robotics SIG…


Armed with ARs…

And more characters for the usless rule…


I saw that, @artg_dms! Not pestered till I know what I’m doing! :confused:
@zmetzing, wish you were going tonight

This is what I propose for our first HAM RADIO project-- a Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna

I would love to have a portable antenna to have contact with satellites. Anyone else?

See you tonight!


Looks like I won’t make it to the meeting tonight.

I talked with Art last weekend a bit about how we might get the ham gear set up once we move to the new location. We’re not supposed to have antennas visible from the street. ( Wish we’d re-negotiated that. )

A low height inverted V would let us do NVIS work - useful for emcom. We could also look into building a couple of magnetic loop antennas. One for 80 and 40, and another for 20 and 10. Those work well close to a ground plane ( ie the roof ). They work well in high noise environments too.

Whatever we pursue on antennas, we need to plan ahead when we run the new cabling. Several runs of good coax from the operating position to the roof would be nice. That’s the hard part. On the roof, just connect up whatever antenna to one of the runs and connect the radio to the bottom end of same run.

I also spoke to Art about the possibility of putting up some rooftop cameras for weather. We have some cameras that might work, and there are inexpensive ( surplus ) analog to IP video converters around. Be fun to have, and if it’s used a lot, maybe we upgrade to better native IP cams in the future.

Sorry I can’t join you this evening.



Can we simply move the tower back to the extreme back edge of the building, now that we have more width to work with?

We did add an extra pole section, perhaps that can be removed?

A vertical with radials might serve us better, in any case. Perhaps we can have a nice flagpole with the US flag flying over it?