Audrino and CAD help

I am working on a new design for my invention. I am in need of assistance on helping me with audrino board and CAD designs. If someone can show me to ropes I would appreciate it.

Without more detail I don’t know how much help I could be, but I’d be happy to run you through the basics of SolidWorks and could get you pointed in the right direction with the Arduino.

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That would be awesome. When could I come over and you show me the ropes

I currently don’t know enough about what you are working on. Arduino seems more like electronics. @benhubel is familiar with CAD i think, might be able to help depending on what it is you need.

Best for me in the evenings. I’m good pretty much any evening. It’s probably a bit too much to tackle during the workday.

Great if you want to do tomorrow or Wednesday evening. Just let me know what works for you and I will be there

Thanks. I will reach out to him and see if he can help