Audio Cassettes & Video Tapes to Digital - Can we do this?


Do we happen to have any equipment for transferring old Audio Cassettes and Video tapes to Digital?

I was able to borrow a friends VCR and AV cables a long time back to get my VHS tapes to digital, but I still have several other old video format tapes to convert.



Audio is easy to do.
Take line/earphone output of cassette deck and run into line input of sound card.
Adobe Suite has audio editor Audition can record/edit.
Opensource - Audacity.
Record at 44 Khz 16 bit stereo if you plan on going to audio cd.
Record in .wav format.
Have lots of .wav files? Archive using lossless .wav compressor Monkeys Audio -


I’ll have to buy an audio cassette player and a sound card with inputs now I guess. Lol

I was hoping that there might be some equipment at makers.


Check w/ folks in Digital Media.
Don’t think they have a cassette deck, but probably have everything else.
Note: if you have a pc w/sound capability, you can probably record.
Many motherboards have basic sound system built in.