Attend woodworking workshop 101


I would like to attend the woodshop 101 class tomorrow 1/6 at 10a.

  1. Is there any way that a new member can arrive and risk someone not showing up and paying on the spot?
  2. I’m asking since it appears to be almost a month before my schedule and an open class doesn’t conflict with my schedule (self-employed). I know it sounds like I’m whining, I sort of am but if there is any way to accommodate one more I’d truly appreciate it.
  3. I am not sure how to communicate directly with the instructor which I know is off-topic but any assistance here would be much appreciated.
    thanks in advance.


We call it “flying standby”. In fact, since the nominal fee is to keep folks from signing up for multiple classes that they may or may not attend, if you successfully get into the class, you don’t have to pay the $5.

@Mrksls2 is the normal instructor…


So, based on your reply, it may well be worth my time to show-up tomorrow. Also, how the devil do I correspond why specifically one member, and not the entire membership?


Your account isn’t old enough and therefore “trusted” enough to “personal message” someone yet, but it doesn’t take much activity before it gets to that point. Forgive me, but I don’t remember the exact metrics on all of that.

Once you have the trust level, clicking on their name in the @ format or their avatar (round image with a picture or the first letter of their account name) will take you to their page where you can message them (top right corner).


Yes. Folks are always welcome to make an effort.

Not sure if I understand what you’re asking. You replied to me, but this is a public thread, so everybody can see it. I “tagged” Mark by using his @ name. That will notify him that I’ve taken his name in vain. And then, what Kentamos just said…

The more you read, the more you reply, the more you post, the more the system trusts you to be a real person and not a bot or a troll.


It looks like you have adequate trust level now (I’m an admin, so I can see that). You should be able to send someone a personal message (i.e., PM them) in the way that Kent described above.


Yeah, I was surprised how quick it was. I also told him to ask for a green dot, so expect that soon :slight_smile:


I granted him the green dot while I was checking his trust level.


Mark is indeed scheduled to teach your class. He’s also the instructor for 102 immediately following 101 on Monday.

Mark will likely see this thread, since he’s been tagged, and agree with Beth’s opinion that standby status is worth the effort.

But for future reference, If you click on YOUR avatar in the upper left of the screen, there’s a blue box for “message”. That will open a screen that looks like what you used to post this message. In the”add names” box, type the name of the members you have a question for, (in this case, @Mrksls2), in the subject line put an appropriate statement (Woodshop 101 on 01/07), type your message into the appropriate box, then click on the blue “reply” under that box, and off it goes. When you get a reply, there will be a pale blue bubble beside your avatar in the upper right of the TALK pages. You may also get an emailed version of the response as well.

The one thing you do need to be prepared for is that as a walk on, there’s a chance that class completion signoff in the AD system might accidentally get overlooked, keeping you locked out of the equipment. If that happens, use TALK to send an “issues and requests” message including the date you completed the class and tag the instructor and @Team_Infrastructure, so they can get it fixed for you.


Someone just posted that classes today were cancelled, so you might check the calendar before leaving for the space on Monday. If it doesn’t show on the calendar, it’s been cancelled. (People get sick or have other issues come up.)


It didn’t sound like you were whining to me. Welcome to DMS!