Attagirl for Rose Smith

Took a block printing intro class from Rose last night. Very informative and we all actually made our own little block and printed with it. Did you know you can use an eraser to make one? We did and it was amazingly easy.
She is a very patient and well educated teacher.
The new month will be upon us soon so watch for our other cadre of teachers to work their wizardry in the Printshop. Remember, to check every day if you want to take a class as most of them fill up very quickly. There are a lot of things you do each day, remember to check for exciting opportunities. This is not a solicitation for NPR. LOL.
We are working on creating different classes to reflect the needs of our fine community. Thanks for reading this post…Jeff


Kudos to Rose! Job well done.


Rose is awesome!!! As is Astrud!!!


I was in the class, too, and I really enjoyed it! So many possibilities with block printing!


Really impressed how far @Team_Printmaking has made it in such a short period. Kudos to the team.


I took the Gelli plate printing class last night. It was so fun that I got in the zone and we ending up printing so many colorful prints. Thank you, Rose! If I get my act together this weekend, I’ll post pics on Talk.