Assistance getting a key fob/bulding entry

I’m not sure if this goes here or in the member access request category. I am looking to get a key fob for the building as a new member, and to go on a personal tour. I’d like to pick up the key fob as soon as possible, for the tour I’m available any day M-F after 6pm

First, try this link and see if you can log in with your user name (not the email)

Because, probably, you need to send [email protected] an email so that you can get a password set up. If the link above won’t let you sign in, then they have to send the password.

If you get that done, I should be up here Monday evening. Just come to the official entrance, with the sign, and ring the bell. While we are Suite 104, use Suite 102 if you’re using GPS.

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I’m giving a tour Tuesday night at 6:30pm you are welcome to join us.

Thank you both of you for responding so quickly. I was unable to get my password set up in time on Monday but I just received my password and logged in.

Randy, could I get a key fob for access to the building when I come to the tour at 6:30 tonight?


No promises on the keyfob, there has been a password sync issue recently, im not sure if that is fixed yet. Sign the waiver in the lobby and we can then try the badge setup.

You can get a key fob – you will need that password you got.