Arts/crafts estate sale going on now in Irving


A huge number of items for sale


Whoa. I really do not need to go there because I’d buy a tiny amount of what’s available and never be able to fit it into my apartment, but it’s sure tempting.


I love the vintage swimsuits!


Wow, real Erector sets.

I am both amazed and saddened. I see really cool grandparents whose place I could have explored for weeks as a kid.


A lot of history being sold. I got caught in awe and had to look at every picture. I imagine there is a wonderful story about the past owners of all these collections. I may try to leave my wallet home and just take a tour. A bad time not to have $.


My wife wants to go, she is in awe.


Bunch of glass bottles if people are into that stuff.


I bought three of those glass bottles…