Are the new band saw blades in the shop?


Are they available to use tonight? I’d sure like to cut up these bowl blanks


Per this post , I see that TJ @ceramicCAP bought some new blades - but I can’t tell whether anyone helped him put on the new blades.


Are they in the shop?


I don’t know. But TJ’s photo in that other post I linked to above shows them sitting on the table of the bandsaw.


Based on @mblatz post thanking @Nate for installing one, maybe one or both of them know where the bands are hiding…


Small one is up, afaik the large blades are still on order because of the holiday schedule being weird. Blades are kept in a drawer on the right side of the miter cabinet or hanging beside the silver cabinet


There are new 1/4" and 3/4" blades in the woodshop. The new 3/8" blades will be ready today if I can get a volunteer to go grab them from Dallas Saw later. Otherwise it will be Monday as they are closed on the weekend. I have made four trips there in the past month, purchasing at least 6 blades each time. It’s hard to keep up with the demand when they get used incorrectly and/or abused. Please ask for help if you are unsure or have ever broken a blade before. FYI, these are wood blades. Anything other than wood or plastic will ruin them quickly, most of the time with one misuse.


I’ll do it. Are they paid for already?


Can you advise of some of the misuse you are aware of? I know about half the time I see the big band saw being used it sounds like it is about to die. I don’t have a ton of band saw knowledge, but it seems either people misuse it often or ours doesn’t cut through logs nearly as easily as every band saw I see in online videos. Maybe if we have a list of common errors we can help when we see someone making one of those errors.


Somebody told me that someone recently used one of the band saws to cut up/through a steering wheel; I am hopeful it was a bad joke, but in this place, it’s totally believable, unfortunately.

Biggest infraction I commonly see is dirty wood, e.g. a chunk of tree with bark that has years of gravel, grit, dirt and who knows what else embedded in it. It’s like sawing through sand paper or running your chain saw through a tree trunk and down into the ground…it ruins a blade almost instantly.

The sad truth is that it doesn’t really matter if we list/detail out all the things that shouldn’t be done or proscribe the few uses (e.g. clean, bare wood) that should be specifically allowed: there will always be a non-negligible number of members that are either ignorant, complacent, lazy, inconsiderate, selfish, or even malicious (or some combination thereof), and similar to someone causing in an accident at an highway interchange during rush hour because they were texting, all it takes is one to screw over everyone else.


That doesn’t mean we stop trying to educate and reduce the number of people making that mistake. I see you helping every time I see you in the shop, so I know you don’t believe in just giving up and accepting the problem.


The one I have seen the most is not setting the blade guide and leaving it way too high on a heavy piece. This puts undue stress on the blade and can cause it to snap. Another that I have seen is using one of the smaller band saws to re-saw much heavier wood and smoking the blade.


You’re right. But it does mean that until same basic truths are acknowledged and specific policies – not rules, but actual shifts in how rule-breakers are handled – are put in place to address them, that we all essentially at the mercy of the “rush hour texters”. And there’s a lot of them!

But I am all in favor of promoting better and safe usage.


i partially installed one blade and left the other 3 blades their on the table. Where the blade received or are they misplaced? There should be a total of 4 blades and i would like to be re-embersed even though i used them to cut crystal resin.