Arcade Cabinet Building 101 - Class - Any Interest

@Team_VCC and @Team_Vector Its happening…

Noon on June 30th

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The calendar says Noon on June 30th.

thank you, Calendar is correct.

typos… got to love them :blush:

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That filled up quickly.

It might have just been posted and never opened up (if you mean the bit about “Registration for this event is closed.”).


Yeah, I realized that after I posted, but then figured, eh, can’t delete posts.

Correct, just went up recently. it should be live within 72 hours from today.

are you doing the full build in one day? hopefully i’ll have some free time to attend, help out if you need it.


This is like being asked by Jenson Button if he can sit in on a race car driving clinic… HELL YEAH!


@denzuko this good for the shelves?

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Looks about right.

ok pretty much done, just have to create the tool paths, we are going to need 3 sheets.


Very cool, keep up the great work.

Smashing! Let me know how things are coming along. I’m about to schedule the software side of the class for next month.

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