Arcade Cabinet Building 101 - Class - Any Interest

I’ve had alot of people ask questions about the mortal kombat x build in Vector. I wouldnt mind giving like a 3 hour weekend or weekday class covering all of the ins and outs of building your own arcade cabinet.

I will cover design, the internals, wiring, software, what not to do and what to do to make a great looking cabinet or bartop for a friend or your home.

If the response is good i’ll set it up. Thanks…


I’m interested.

Blah, blah blah, blah.

Intrested . Especially on the software side since hyper spin has been a pain in my butt

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I’m interested but date and time may keep me out of it.

Most definitely interested.

I’ll bring the cookies

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I am very interested in the class…

I need to pull all the parts together needed to build the bartop cabinet I got from you the other day. :slightly_smiling:

– Shawn

Make sure to go through the Class sign-up and Honorarium process with VECTOR as sponsoring committee. This DEFINITELY a class on how-to-build.

Oh I will, i just wanted to see if there was a desire to learn this stuff before i go through all of this and only 1 person show up. :slightly_smiling:

I’d love to attend - been watching this creation evolve and emerge from parts. Very impressed, as are others, with the quality of workmanship.

I’d definitely be interested. Might have to get in a match or two, too!

Have you taken photos of this during the build? It would be great to get a short slide show up on a monitor showing it’s progress.

I used to do that, but it got old really fast, alot of the stuff is on the fly as i go.

So i dont have any step by step photos of the build, but part of the class will be going around the machine and dissecting its structure enough to where you will be dangerous afterwards.

I have no idea HOW to best do this, but I really like the “time lapse” stuff. The upside for someone of your experience and caliber would be that you just set up the camera on a tripod, set the timer to take photos every 30 seconds, and go to town. I think some folks do it with video. I KNOW others know a lot more about it than me, and I’m just trying to say “that’d be cool if you are interested”, as opposed to the “how to” shots…

BTW don’t forget to tag this thread with VECTOR so it shows up in future Talk searches by category. :slightly_smiling:

Ok class is Feb 4 7-10

If there is a specific area you want to talk about please list it in here in the thread so i can add to the agenda.



@Team_Vector. I’ll be need some help getting the wood to the space but @Team_VCC has the equipment for another MAME cabinet building 101 class.

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Count me in for a MAME cabinet building class

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Now that the expansion is wrapping up Team_VCC can focus on a few things. So the last bit of supplies are coming in and we’ll have this class going up this month.


very cool!!! Can’t wait