April 2019 Clay & Coffee: Ceramics Orientation 100 - Welcome to Ceramics!

For this month’s Clay & Coffee we will be offering our first ever Ceramics Orientation 100 - Welcome to Ceramics! class. Coffee will be provided after class and snacks are encouraged. As voted on in the last committee meeting, this class will be a requirement to use the Ceramics area and the pottery wheels. We will not only cover the basics of using tools and equipment but also our rules and overall process for how we operate. The link to the class online is below as well as this month’s flyer. Please register so you can fulfill this requirement.

Sunday, April 28th, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.



Will there be more of the Ceramics 100 classes coming up soon? Thanks!!

The next one is early June :slight_smile:

Alicia, the next one is actually May 29th, link below:


Monika will probably putting up more classes soon!

I’m sorry, I thought she asked about the next Clay and Coffee, my apologies.

Yes we will be setting more of the Ceramics 100 classes with evening and weekend hours.

I know I’m jumping the gun and sound entitled (I don’t mean it his way) here but my mom is coming in July for a month and I need her to not be in my house all day while I’m working from home. She used to do ceramics with the craft guild-is there anyone who does 1:1’s just in case there isn’t a 100 class available?

I can help get her ready to use the area. Reach out when the time comes and I’ll help.


Thanks, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for evenings and weekends.

My mom and I were wondering if this was necessary for people who’ve taken ceramics 101 and/or the crash course classes before?
It’s not an issue for us we just don’t want to sign up for classes and not be allowed to do them.

You are always welcome to sign up for classes and Ceramics 100 is not required to do so. If you have gone through the series of Ceramics 101, 102, and 103 you do not need to take 100.