Anyone work with Anderson Power Pole Connectors? Tools at DMS?

I just bought a RigRunner and it’s my first time working with Anderson Power Pole connections. I think I need a ratcheting crimp tool? Or how exactly do I crimp with these? If the ratchet crimp tool is what’s needed, I assume we have one? I’m new to DMS to specific instructions on where to locate it are appreciated.

They sell a tool for this. I don’t believe we possess one.

How to use the crimper


There may be one in with the AR Sig stuff. @artg_dms ?

Failing that, I have one, and will be around DMS some this weekend if you just have a few to crimp.

What size power pole is it?

I have the tool for the 30 and 45 amp ones for sure.

This weekend there is an Amateur Radio Convention in Plano. Plano Convention Center at the corner of Jupiter and Spring Creek Parkway. There will be a vendor of all the Anderson Power Pole connectors there, sure to have the crimper as well. Search for “Plano Ham-com 2019” for details.

That’s not a bad idea, thank you

I’m just using it for car stuff, so I mostly need the 15A

Where would I find that room please?

It’s not a room. It’s stuff that’s mostly used in the Electronics lab, but that crimper may be locked up.

ELab may have one. Ben was making connector sets for the pwr splys.
After the move I’m not sure where they might have ended up.

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Just to make it more clear, the difference between 15, 30, and 45 Amp connectors is only the gauge wire they are designed to crimp on. So my recollection is that the 30A is sized for 12 ga wire, which I might rarely plan for sustained loads over 20 amps.

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Where is the ELab please in relation to the snack/break room? Where should I look?

It is now the far north, west corner of the space. So, new side, towards the street, away from the origional space.

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Next to Science and across from 3D Fab.
Best guess it’s in a box w/ Ben’s name on it.
May be in one the rolling cabinets that are back to back.

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This is an old drawing of the layout, but should be remotely accurate, especially regarding E-lab’s location in the Northwest corner (if I’ve got my orientation correct)…

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Major Note: Vector and Science swapped locations.