Anyone with access to large format scanner?

I’m going to have some blueprints/plans that I’ll need to have scanned so I can trace them in SolidWorks and create CNC cutting files for them. These sheets are 36" wide and quite long (like ~7 feet?). They could maybe be cut down in length.

Does anyone have access to a large format scanner? I’ll pay…

I realize that there might be other ways to do this (camera, etc.) but they really need to stay as accurate as possible because these parts all fit together. I can’t risk much in the way of distortion.

I would call Lawton Reprographic and see how large their scanner is. I have used their Inwood location. They do a lot of construction blueprint stuff.


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There is a type of scanner that rolls the blueprint/large print through (rather than being a flatbed scanner). I think most blueprint/reprographics shops would be equipped. Thomas Printworks (formerly Thomas Reprographics) has three locations in the area you could call.

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I did hundreds of architectural blueprint scans with Thomas reprographics working on a preservation project once. They did good work.


I’ve been a fan for many years. At one time, they had a small outpost in Garland that I used.

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I called and they can do it. Thanks! $1.10 / sf


Has the 'space gotten a large format scanner in the last two years?

Negative. Or at least I’ve never seen it heard of one, and they’re not exactly small so I’m pretty sure I would have.

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