Anyone willing to teach me how to make shirts and print vinyl stickers?

I’ve been wanting to learn to do this since I joined the space over a month ago but so far, I haven’t seen many classes for it or they fill up pretty fast. I’d get much more utility out of my membership if I could do these things. Anyone willing to just let me watch and learn as they work on their stuff? Thanks.

Not seeing a green dot on your profile. @ADM_FreddyCalvert

Not sure what that means, but I’m a paying member if that’s what you’re wondering.

A green dot appears on your icon if you have access to the member only areas.
You can request it here

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expansion has skewed our class calendar.

we’re hoping to get more classes asapizza scheduled now that creative arts is (mostly) settled into their new room!

i recommend you change the category of this post to creative arts - vinyl

We just had CA office hours on 8/3 and should have another one up in September. You would need to be signed off for the vinyl cutter. As soon as we know the date I’ll let you know.

It denotes you as a dues paying member on TALK. As the previous replies have mentioned, we’re in the middle of an expansion and the Committees are in a bit of flux re. class offerings and enough room to teach them. Sounds like you’re getting good feedback above. The above recommendations will get you going. Welcome!

Not necessarily. The silhouette is no training required if they are willing to sit down and teach themselves on it.

I need to get a new Office Hours on the calendar.

Yes I’d be willing to do this. Waiting until September would be too long from now :frowning: