Anyone want to Road Trip to Authors and Dragons Con?

Who wants to go to Vegas and watch a bunch of assholes play D&D badly? September 21-22. I’m trying to put together a road trip.

Here’s the Eventbrite Page

here’s the podcast website, if you want to find out about all the hullabaloo

Is this something they do every year? It sounds awesome. I can’t this year, but I might like to in a year or 2.

this is the first year that they’re doing it. hopefully it catches on and they do it next year too

would you schedule allow for a road trip to Dragon*Con though?

I realize this is not an answer to the question/ reason for the post, but I wasn’t sure where else to post this.
I am looking for a guy who plays games at night ( although he has been in there around 11pm working on a truck one night as well). Has a super cute kid named Hunter who is 5 and sweet.
If someone has an idea of his name so I can find him, I would be thankful.
Thank you:-)

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Hi, that was me. I’ll shoot you a message shortly via text.