Anyone want some sheets?

I was given a LARGE number of sheets (linens, for beds). They have all kinds of prints.
Anyone have a use for them?

Actually yes! We can totally do a printmaking on alternative surfaces class

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Ooo, would like a few.

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If there are more available, I would love a couple.

I would also like to put myself next in line if any are available.

I’d also have a use if any are left.

I probably have 6-7 trash bags full, so there are plenty to go around :blush:
I’ll be there Friday afternoon.
When will y’all be around? What’s a good time (or place for me to put them) so y’all can go through and pick out what you want?

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I’ll be in tomorrow (had graduation today) where were they left?

I haven’t brought them in yet because I didn’t want to clutter the place up. Is there a place anyone knows of where I could stash them that they’d be out of the way until y’all can get them?
I’m pretty new so I don’t know all the good spots.

With all the expansion stuff going on I’m not sure either lol

I don’t know of any spots but depending on time Friday, I can be at the space to possibly collect some from you : )

Our class is from 3-5, if you’re going to be around before or after then.


Is there any chance you could put some on the donation shelf? I’ll be at the space on Thursday but I won’t be back until Saturday.


I can come directly after work on Friday, about 5:10-5:15p

I’ll bring them with me on Friday and have them with me in the creative arts room. Then I’ll leave some on the donation shelf before we leave.
I’ll probably do this a couple of times over the next few weeks, because there really are like 7 trash bags full, and that’s a bit excessive. LOL


I’ll keep peeping the donation shelf randomly over the next few weeks. I’ve got a few crafts that require like a white sheet or two. Unless I find one randomly in between then.

Don’t the DMS rules preclude being a Peeping Tom?

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awesome. I can use some sewing practice fabric.

Tempted to tag all the Tom’s and inquire if they do indeed peep at the space :joy:

Exactly! Everyone needs muslins and mockups