Anyone Want Some Scrap Ally?

I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 scrapped hard drive carcasses. I’ve been wanting to try melting them down for several years, but now, I just want them out of my way. There are some “bits” left of drive motors or such, but mostly, they’re clean. Probably some $ in scrap if you want to go that route.
Also, including the removed circuit boards.
Box o’scrap

bag o’boards

Let me know if this is something you can use, we’ll figure out to get it there.

@Team_Blacksmithing (and @Bri_Gearhart - get yourself on there) - this would make good source material to play with the casting equipment

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Love to give it to Blacksmithing (or any other committee) if they can use it!

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They will happily take it (just spoke with her). On a related note, can you add @Bri_Gearhart as the blacksmith chair and list owner?

Just dump it anywhere in the blacksmithing room? :grin:

Yes I can, and will once I’m at a computer…

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Anywhere reasonable I would assume :wink:

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