Anyone want some plastic storage vials?

Howdy makers! We are spring cleaning at Bee’s Keys and have a TON of empty pin vials far too nice for the trash. Would anyone like some? They are wee plastic jobbies with snap lids - about 2" tall and 3/4" square at the mouth. Would be very good for organizing buttons, screws, etc. Got about 120 at the moment, and I will be at DMS most of the day tomorrow - happy to deliver to your cubby. Holla!



Sending you a PM.

Thanks! I’ll take 20 if you have any left when my name comes up in the queue. My storage bin has a Green “Hank Cowdog” label on it (or it did when I last looked at it in March).


I’d take 20 as well. My bin is ( was ? ) in the batch by the electronics lab. Was up high on the back wall.

Haven’t been in to check in a while…


@HankCowdog @tmc4242 You got it - will do!


I would love some too! maybe 20 should do? Black Bin with a green Webdevel on it and a cthulhu sticker.

Done and done!

And there’s about 40 still left if anyone else is in the market. (MAN it feels good to be back here!)


I wouldn’t mind 20 of them if they are still available. My bin’s got a blue star on it if it’s not showing the name side right now. Thanks!

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I am interested in some. I have a personal storage bin near electronics if you want to just drop them off there. Thanks!

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I hope you wanted 21, cuz that’s how many were left, and now they’re yours :smiley:

And that’s a wrap! Thanks everybody for giving them a second life - will bump this thread again if we get more in the shop!