Anyone want a pool table with all the fixins?

What you do for love…you flip the whole garage on its end.

I’m gifting away a (red) pool table, the cover (town in the corner) overhead light, chair thing, pool cues, Pool cue holder, potentially a homemade bar…we haven’t decided on that yet. But a whole moving truck full of stuff. I’m hoping someone takes it and actually uses it over hocking it for a quick buck…although I think it would be a slow buck…and I’m getting rid of it so I have no say in what you do.
I don’t have a photo of it but I’m sure I could search if you’re really interested. My garage is in an embarrassing state right now I can assure you so I won’t be posting that online. Not hoarder level but it ain’t pretty.

You’re moving it. Bring friends and beer for thE friends.

The pool table isn’t great. It apparently has a few near dead bumpers. But it’s functional and fun. It came with my house. It’s been fun to have at parties but now it’s a large vertical surface for stuff I should throw away. It’s all in my garage. No idea if it’s a full slate or something that’s in two pieces.
Potentially haunted.

I’m in Lewisville


sell it on FB marketplace

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Is it Full, Regulation, or Bar Size?

You had me at potentially haunted. Im in! Will organize a pool pickup party soon

Are you serious?
Just want to know because I’m going to put it on Facebook by this weekend if you’re not. No pressure just need to know.

That seems to be a question for someone who knows pool tables. It’s…big. That’s all I got.

For serious. For real real not for play play


is it a 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft sized table?

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Axie is coming to get it this weekend. If something comes up I’ll let you know.

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ok well if something comes up and its under 9ft then I can have movers show up in about three hours.