Anyone need to derust and sharpen a handsaw?

I have two handsaws I need to derust and three to sharpen, I have files and a saw vise. If anyone wants to tag along let me know. Probably using evaporust to soak the blades for a day or two


At least one is a Diston. I need to check my other saws. One of them has an interesting handle with a depression for your thumb. Im pondering whether I could scan the logos and burn them back in after cleaning and polishing.

My plan is to make a plywood box a little bigger than my biggest saw and press a heavy garbage bag in to line it. I think I have two gallons of evaporust so will calculate the volume to hopefully stay under that. Its been 10-15 years since I last sharpened them.

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Have any of you ever tried just plain White Vinegar for rust removal?