Anyone need some Free sheets

That sounds cool! I’d love to see pics.
I have a ton of pillows and just found another stash of sheets I thought I’d gotten rid of already.

Do you want pillows and more sheets any time soon? When do you expect to be at the space?

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I plan to start working on this project after Feb 18. So any time after Feb 18 that works for you, we can meet up at DMS, or you can bring stuff, let me know, and I can pick it up :))

I would be happy to share some photos of the work! This will be my first foray into fiber and textile installation, so I’m sure my first tries will be frightening and hideous. It’s part of the process. So if I send a few photos, be prepared to laugh out loud :)) and think “those poor pillows and sheets!” :)))

My email is:
[email protected]

So we can keep in touch in case I lose track of this thread. I’m new to DMS and still getting used to the Talk forum etc.
(I hope it’s okay to put my email here)

It’s fine by us. You’ll know soon if that was a mistake or not…

are you making a Staypuft Marshmallow Man™?

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Haha! I am thinking more on the lines of a ‘stuffed’ tapestry/quilt/wall hanging :))
But I also know I have only the roughest sketch in my head…

After laboring for months, even a year or two on different versions, I may wish that Any of my efforts looked as good as this rendering of the Marshmellow Man :)))

If I start getting discounts on leg waxing and invitations to pyramid schemes sent to my email…I will only think of the kindness of members to a new member…

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I dropped off some pillows on the freebie shells, and I noticed that there are still some sheets from last time so I did not leave more. If you are needing white sheets, I do have some of those.