Anyone need some Free sheets

I have some more free sheets.
Does anyone need some?
I’ll be at the space tonight for chainmaille class

Argh! Yes, I could use a few sheets. But – I’m at work until 9pm, and then it’ll be a while until I get there. How late are you staying?

I wouldn’t say no but I won’t be at the space until tomorrow. Any chance you could do another drop off on the donation shelf?

I’m usually there until 11ish on chainmaille night. I think we’re in interactive. If I miss you, I’ll leave some on the freebie shelf :blush:

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I will leave some on the freebie shelf for you. :heart:

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I left a trash bag with some in it on the shelf.


I have a bunch more, if anyone else needs some.
I’ll be at the space several times this week.

What type of sheets are these?
I assume it’s some kind of sheet to make a pattern for a particular craft etc?

Bedsheets (i.e. textiles, fabric, probably mostly cotton, but might also include other mixes such as polyester).

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How wonderful! Great possibilities here! I will try to find out where the ‘Free’ donation shelf is! Thank you!

The “Member Exchange Shelf” (aka Freebie Shelf, Donation Shelf) is the shelf with the large sign declaring “FREE STUFF” (thank you Judy! @jrkriehn) that was, last I knew, by the bay doors in the South Warehouse, next to Machine Shop.
Example photo stolen shamelessly from Pearce’s pics on 01/05/2020


Thank you! I haven’t gone that ‘deep’ into DMS yet. Now I will know where to look :)))

I was just gifted with a bunch more, if you need some. I think the batch from last week is gone.

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Yes please! I would like a few! They may work for a project I have in mind.

Have people shared what they are doing/creating with the ones they got from the previous batch?

Thank you! I will watch messages for when they arrive to the Freebie shelf :))

I just put some more sheets out, if you need some.


Thank you! I will be up at DMS this afternoon to do some work, so I will check them out :))

not complaining, just wondering, but WHERE DO YOU KEEP GETTING THESE SHEETS? LoL

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I volunteer at my local animal shelter up here in McKinney, and people are always bringing us blankets, which we can use, and pillows and sheets, which we can’t :slight_smile:


I will look on the freebie shelf for any sheets you have added. Thank you for sharing with DMS!

I may also be interested in pillows!
I am conceptualizing a Fibers/Textile installation piece. And I may be able to use the pillows or the stuffing in the pillows to create more of a 3D piece.

I am interested in sheets you have now or in the future because they can act as a ‘base’ layer for the pieces I am trying to make.

I’m at the beginning of this particular installation journey, so I can’t say for sure if the sheets or pillows will help or work, but it would nice to have some to practice with :))

Thank you again!

Also, Brava for being a volunteer at the McKinney Animal Shelter!

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