Anyone know where to find templates for wargaming terrain that includes acrylic lasercut?


Lasercut acrylic patterns seem to be pretty sparse on the web but also some awesome looking stuff when you can find it. Been trying to light these with strip-LEDs but been wondering if anyone had any experience or know where to learn how to create some wooden billboards or basic mounts for these.



EDIT: not sure what you’re asking by “wooden billboard” is this a stand/ mount for these plastics that would also include an led and power supply? what kind of power supply ? battery?

are you looking to make a svg vector file that is usable on most of the machines in the makerspace? i have plenty of photo shop experience and can knock it out in my sleep. pm me your specs.



vector file would be nice, meant to be a stand/mount that includes room for an LED light or strip and room for a line a power. Would be power by battery, either single or small disk battery. Just am bad at photoshop and patterns. Lemme dig up the file for there