Anyone know what process they use to get these images on wood?

The barrel part is easy enough to replicate but not sure how the image is done. Screen printing? Stamp? I’m sure it’s an industrial process but I’d be curious what type.

Screen printing most likely. The process is likely; stain/finish the circular blank, screen, add the barrel ring section (whatever you call that). I think it would have to be in that order. I know someone that ran a small made-to-order screen printing business on the side and she cranked out signs like this relatively quickly.

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What process did it? No idea. If I had to recreate it with Space resources… options would be screen printing, vinyl stencil, acrylic laser cut stencil, laser etched rubber stamp, more improbable would be paint the whole thing and then remove the negative space with laser or CNC router.

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If doing it in volume then it’s almost certainly printing with a flatbed UV ink printer.

I recently posted asking if anyone here had access to one. They are stupid expensive ($30-100k+)

Screen printing or stencil/spraypaint. If its done after the raised rim is in place, almost certainly stencil.

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