Anyone here work at GM in Arlington?

I’m working on a pick to light application for one of our factories (HVAC) The electronic shelf label tag supplier says GM is using them in Arlington. I would like to know if they are happy with them, battery life and durability are my main concerns. The tags are primarily used for retail pricing, apparently not many factory applications in North America.

We are also looking at using these tags for personal storage and maybe project storage here at the makerspace. I have some samples in the common room in case anyone wants to see them.



I have a friend in Milwaukee who set the original versions for Kohl’s. Checking with him now.

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Damage is a concern, most of the labels we use now are scratched or torn, I don’t know how old they are though.

Sorry. I expected a quick response, but nope. Should I hear from him I’ll let you know.

Well my bad. He didn’t have any ideas.