Anyone have some Angelina Fibers I could have/buy?


Id like to try some in resin to see how they come out, but would rather not pay for a large sampler pack as I don’t know they will work. I am guessing they’ll be fine and look cool, but wanted to see if anyone had a small bit I could have, maybe the size of a large cotton balls worth? I’d be glad to buy it or make you a cabochon with it.


We have some in the spinning fibers bin. It’s in the fiberarts cabinet, third shelf down, the tub with loose fiber

You’ll have to dig. Looking for a ziploc full with smaller bags of shiny crap. (Don’t confuse with ziploc of silky bamboo colors…you’re looking for very shiny stuff with colors separated into individual bags). Probably near right side of bin unless it was moved. The bag they are in…the stuff is $8/oz, although a little goes a long way. Think of it as a spice. An accent.

An ounce is A LOT, most folks use a few pinches for blending, then throw a $1 or 2 as a Love Offering to the CA kiosk.

There’s a scale and yellow bowl in same bin to weigh it

Likely you’ll just need a pinch or few. Try different colors. There’s some cool ones. Feed the hungry CA tower as appropriate

If you ever use the majority of something, take a pic of the color and lemme know so I can replenish in next order.

Cool idea to put in resin. Oh, and don’t be afraid to chop shorter.

Also, the kind I got will iron. Like do a sprinkle sandwiched between tissue paper and can iron/fuse into lacy sparkly crap (technical term) to be used similar to lacy fabric

Post pics :heart:


If resin folks fall in love with the stuff and want to use larger amounts, I can tell you where we got it

That being said, pinches here and there, welcome to use ours. Silly to buy full amounts for trying things.

Going through stuff fast, then buy from source

Here’s where we got ours, although most fiber suppliers will have. Those bags in our cabinet are the 1/2 oz ($3.95) ones, so you can get a lot for low cost once you decide on a color

LOTS of color options in link below. Plus info on how to fuse.

Can use fused stuff in art quilting too…


Will do, thanks so much!


after the fake dichroic class I’m like “what can I do with that stuff?” Hummmm


I ordered a sample for 2.95 freight free on Etsy. Most packs in there are 10.00


I grabbed a few samples yesterday and tossed in $4. I’ll let y’all know what comes of it.


Looking forward to seeing wat you come up with!