Anyone have a lathe to sell, or rent

I want to make some of my resin eggs. Anyone have a mini lathe to sell, or even rent? Not looking for super fancy needed, just large enough to do some resin eggs.

I don’t, but what is your budget? I got my excelsior lathe from Rockler for $300. Its been a workhorse for 5.5 years now.

Otherwise I can keep my eyes out for one for you as well.


I looked at that one from Rockler but right now they are sold out for at least 3 weeks. The guy at Rockler said they had a waiting list so pretty much it is sold out for a couple of months. Have been looking at this one from Harbor Freight for $259. Really, I am looking for one that will let me make some eggs while Makerspace is shut down. Once I am at that point will flip it for 1/2 price on craigslist so it will really only cost me ~$150 to use one during the downtime. I do like the smaller size of this one, and the excelsior, because it will let me set it up on a table in garage and break it down after using. I appreciate the advice.

ah gotcha. well I have looked at the one from HB and there’s a few issue’s you will face. Its metric so if you use any screw on headstock tools you will need an adapter (I think about $25 on amazon), and that also cuts about 2 inches off your max spindle length (wont matter for eggs). Oh and you’ll probably need the adapter if you are going to get a chuck. Lastly the motor on that one isn’t awesome, but again wont matter with lighter projects like an egg.