Anyone for a repeat of R Studio(Data Science) or something else media or craft model/miniatures?


After a successful class on makign your own decals, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a repeat of R programming or a new course on something I can teach.

-I’ve been thinking of doing a class on making your own bases, this would be include both 3d printing as well as natural bases made of cork, fine turf, gravel, etc. and include priming and painting.?
-Another thing I was thinking but more dodgy and effort to make work. But using a free trial, teach photogrammetry with Agisoft Photoscan. Used it mostly in school for lidar/surveying but has some awesome application especially for media in creating 3d models of terrains with a draped point cloud/mesh.


I’d be interested in taking a class on making bases. Tried 3D printing some a couple months ago but they didn’t come out great.