Anyone comfortable teaching bowl-turning?


I’ve been wood turning for a bit now (mostly spindles), but have also taken bowl turning classes at Woodcraft. I’d like to be able to turn them on my own, but was hoping to get a bit more hands-on instruction within the Makerspace.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience turning bowls, and would be comfortable giving me a demo or two on an upcoming Friday morning/afternoon (my schedule is flexible, if there’s other preferred times)!

Please let me know,

Hi Ameenah,

I may be able to on a Friday afternoon in the near future as I have a couple of turning projects of my own. Today is booked, but possibly either of the next 3 Fridays should work. If no one else is able to help sooner that is.

Hi! Anytime you’re free is good for me! Just let me know when you’ll be around, and I’ll be there. Thank you so much

Ok great, I will send you a PM


Did you get help with bowl turning? Tuesdays are typically good days to find someone with bowl turning experience at DMS. Dan Wolf @dwolf , is an excellent wood turner who is typically there in the morning until early afternoon and I usually come in after lunch to spend the afternoon turning.


I’d love to watch the bowl turning process too if you don’t mind.

We did that a few weeks ago, but i can help you with one if you have a project in mind.

I appreciate the offer, but I don’t really have any particular project in mind. I am just interested in learning how to turn bowls. I will wait for a class or when there are more people interested.

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