Anyone available to open the door?

Hello. I’m newly re-signed up and don’t have a FOB, but am here for my laser class. Is anyone available to open the door for me please?

I’m in the lobby - was hoping someone with a FOB would come by, but no luck so far.

Please halp?
Thank you!

Ring the doorbell, if no one comes walk around to the back of the building and knock on the door by the big dumpster, that is next to laser area.

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Yeah – walk out the door, and keep going down the handicapped ramp. Go around the side. Then the door that’s by Laser is the 2nd one. Mind you, the first one is also DMS, but that’s Ceramics, and there’s not a direct way to get to Laser. Much more meandering inside the building.

Thank you! A good samaritan let me in eventually, but I really appreciate the help!