Anyone at DMS and watching Talk Now?

I need to get a message to the person using the Multicam.

You could use the TV :smile:

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He’s not looking at it at all as best I can tell.

OK, I’m giving up and going to get some shut-eye. If anyone sees this and can show to him, would be appreciated:

MW, it appears you are not taking advantage of some of the Multicam changes made this year. Assuming the slideshow is on the screen at the back wall, you can see several tips and hints, such as:

Use the torque wrench to tighten the nut on the collet. Can’t tell is you did or not.

The alignment guides on the wall by the Dust Collector can help to align your work with the machine axis.

Use the big hose from the dust collector instead of the small shop vac. It lifts out of the white PVC tube.

and a new item not in a slide yet but important:

Hang the remote on the cable coming out of the black gadget (retracting tool balancer) hanging from the ceiling on chains. Post made on Talk about this tonight.

Bert Rabbe
Multicam SIG Leader