Anybody up to get trained on the Thunder lasers?

Howdy folks, I’m a new laser teacher and I’m going to be teaching an impromptu class on thursday at 2pm 5:30pm. If anyone wants to get signed off on the lasers, bring $15 and let me know if you’re coming in the comments

Edit: Pushed to 5:30pm

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Damn, I can’t make a 2pm class, but if you do any after 5 I’d totally attend.

For sure, I pushed it to 5:30pm

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It looks like this class is full but I’m interested in attending if there’s an opening.

I would love to. Still have any openings?

Yes, the first person couldnt make it today, so i now have 4 openings left

This isn’t the one on the calendar, it’s impromptu, and after that class. Im going to go ahead and put it on the calendar anyways. Sorry, new at this. Nevermind I’m not able to put anything on the calendar without 2 days notice. Just bring $15 and I’ll make sure to not take more than an hour.

I’ll be there.

I’m needing a quick tour before doing the membership and am interested in the lasers so can we do all three tonight?

Yep. Be sure to bring $15. I’m gonna be there around 3 so if you want a tour beforehand, let me know when you get there

You can certainly watch and learn but you will need to take the hot process safety class before you can use the lasers

Hey I have another class starting at 6. If you’re gonna be there earlier would you mind going over to for me maybe starting a tad earlier. Also, do you have materials to cut already or should I try to source some?

The hot process class is for Welding & the CNC Plasma Cutter, not the lasers.

my mistake, I thought the lasers were included in that too

It happens to the best of us. Lol

I’ll be bringing the materials, the $15/person will offset that cost for me

@Hanna_Kessler @Jeff_Vernon @spasco

I’m here now, come say hi in the lobby area if you get here early :^)

I’m outside now

I’m OMW, eta is 5:39 with traffic.

No – Hot Process Safety is only for Metal Shop, and that’s welding, the Dynotherm CNC plasma cutters, and the powder coating oven. Laser safety is taught within the Laser Basic classes.