Anybody know anything about the fabric up front?

Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s a random donation. I’m going to move it off the front porch to the lobby. Once I get consensus, I’ll probably put it on the Freebie Shelf.

(Audible sigh)
Shakes head and rolls eyes.

So there IS a Fabric Fairy!


Where is the freebie shelf located?

Along wall by large roll-up next to automotive. Look for the carts for moving things.

And, if you’re entering through the door from the front, if you look up, there’s a big sign clearly visible over the machines in Machine Shop. It’s not as clearly marked from the back door, but it’s a big shelving unit, usually full of stuff.

Thank you! I need to explore the DMS environment more and learn where more areas are located.

I have no natural (or unnatural) sense of direction. My first real visit was on Saturday, and I was quite frozen as what appeared to be a Kafkaesque maze of rooms unfolded before me…

I may be that member that eternally wanders thru DMS, hugging walls, searching for my muse (or the door to the parking lot).

I can see that. So if you come in through what we’re calling the lobby now, you go through the 2nd door into the Common Room. The doorway to your right (no door) is currently the only way to get from the new lobby to the older half of the building, which is where most of the cool stuff is still located. Go through the galley (kitchen). From there, either hallway works, but go left there, and right at the T. Go on down to the first intersection, and turn left. Ahead of you should be a door you need your key fob to get into. Enter. And you’re at the spot in the picture. Now, there’s somewhat of a maze in front of you, as it’s weird to get there by going through Machine Shop. So, go left between Project Storage (the big shelves) and the Work Tables. There’s what I think of as a aisle when you reach the end of the Work Tables. Turn right toward Laser and Automotive. You’ll be able to see the 2 big doors. And, the sign on top should guide you. It’s been over a week since I looked at the Freebie shelf. There were still a few white and printed-on-white sheets when I was there, but – it was over a week ago.