Anybody have exp with resin and old circuit boards?


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I’d like to cut some old circuit boards and use resin to create jewelry/art. Anybody have any experience they can share?

Thanks in advance.


@Lordrook - do you have any thoughts?


You can use thin sheets of plastic (look for blank Stencil sheets) and packing tape to make the mold for the general shape that you want. You will probably have to hot glue the circuit board to the side/bottom of the mold where you want it as they will more than likely want to float in the resin. Once the resin cures just peel off the plastic sheet around it and cut, sand, polish.

A pressure pot is ideal to get all the bubbles out of the resin but you might be able to get away with using a very slow setting resin like Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast and being careful when pouring to not trap bubbles at the bottom or around the circuit board.


No personal experience with circuit boards in particular, but I like the idea. I’d mirror pretty much what @Jeeves said with one addition, which is you can use a vacuum chamber to pull air bubbles out from under and inside the board prior to moving to the pressure pot. Another good, albeit disposable, mold making material is corrugated plastic if you are looking for basic shapes (square, octagonal, rectangle, etc.). You can also use 2 part silicone to make your own molds, and I don’t have any experience making those. @maxk68 does occasionally teach classes on making the molds.


Thanks for the info, @Jeeves and @Lordrook.
I haven’t ever used resin before, so I have some instructables/YouTube time ahead of me.
I currently have some ideas from seeing finished products (and noting that I have a tub of old circuit boards).
I need to get a feel for how to do it (including necessary parts/tools).

Is there a good class/set of classes for getting familiar with the resin process?


I learned a lot of my stuff online from Turn Tex videos. But keep in mind that I was specifically wanting to learn how to make pen blanks. there’s also several good tutorials on YouTube for jewelry application which is probably more what you want to check out. I’ve watched a couple on making rings from molds and they were pretty good.


I’ll def take a look at the site you linked. Thank you!
I presume that there is likely a dearth of DMS-based classes in this specific vein.

At some point, it seems I’ll need some vacuum chamber/pressure pot guidance (@rshill noted for vacuum chamber training). But I’m sure I’ll be streaming video for a while first.


I don’t think we have a training requirement for either machine, though we might want to consider that. I could do a one on one for both sometime when I am up there if you’d like. As I had mentioned Max does the occasional class on the casting and mold making which are both good and worth taking. Usually they are on a Saturday so keep your eyes peeled.


A relatively cheap starting point is Hobby Lobby. You can get some resin, alcohol dye, pigments, and stencil plastic for <$50. Then just trial and error a bunch with the different pigments/dyes and stuff you want to put in it. Try layering the resin with different colors to highlight points or swirling in pigments into translucent dyed resin. Best part is you never truly know how it is going to look till your done so you get tons of practice with sanding/polishing and different techniques.

Only down side is it can be a long process with waiting for the resin to cure before the next step. But that easy to mitigate with more projects :wink:


I have 20 to 30 circuit boards that have never been populated with parts, some even have gold finger connectors. These are new, unused and clean circuit boards, you won’t have to worry about removing old parts. I’ll donate them to your cause if you want them…


Thanks, @richmeyer! I’d love to have them. I’m planning to be at the the space tmrw night for a class.


I’ll try to stop by DMS after work tomorrow. I’ll place the circuit boards on the incoming mail table with your name on them. Take what you need, the others can be used for class materials.

Note: Be very mindfull where you cut these circuit boards. Do not use the sheer in the Metal Shop. These circuit boards are made of epoxy fiberglass material (just like regular circuit boards). The fiberglass material can quickly dullen the cutting blade.


Thank you! I was thinking of buying a cutting wheel for my Dremel for making these cuts, but I need to understand if there’s a good/better/best blade/attachment for doing so. Any thoughts?


I think you have the right idea by using a dremel tool. Perhaps others may know of other tools.


I have used a dremmel with reinforced cut off wheel to hack up mobos.


You probably already know this.
You don’t want to breathe in the dust from cutting.
Have someone hold shop vac hose near cutting area.
BTW the band saw in the Machine Shop works well on PCBs.


OK, I’m an idiot. Where is this? I got so into my class last night, I forgot to check on these. I will be back in this weekend.


The incoming mail table is in the inter-active room, the room with all the open tables, as you enter on the right hand side. I put the circuit boards in a clear plastic bag with your name on them. The should be safe there until you pick them up.


Thank you, @richmeyer. Much appreciation (for both the boards and the guidance)!


Re interactive room/open tables/on the right

Do you mean Common Room?