Any tips for mounting Unifi AC-Lite APs?

We decided to do away with our hodgepodge of old wifi routers re-purposed into APs and bought a couple of Unifi AC-Lite access points and a POE switch. Now I’m looking at the AP mounting hardware and scratching my head. I know these are a worldwide product but it sure doesn’t look like it’ll mount to a low-voltage box/ring. I’d prefer to do it right the first time and not have to patch and re-texture drywall :smiley: so… Anybody got any non-obvious tips for mounting these bad boys? Or any particularly good How-To resources online? Thanks!

None of mine are ceiling mounted, so I can’t be much first-hand help. But here’s a forum discussion with some DIY proposals…

EDIT: The 3D printed bracket near the bottom looks like the way to go.

That’s pretty slick, thanks!

If you have a box, the in-wall APs come with a faceplate mount that mates right up to the box.

If you’re doing ceiling mount, don’t even mount the box. Just stab a hole in the ceiling and run your cable through it. The AP has a mounting ring you will center over the hole and attach with drywall screws. Whole thing snaps into place beautifully. I love their stuff.

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Thanks! I’m probably over thinking it, but that’s the next best thing to finding time to actually do it :smiley:

When I did my place, I just cut the keystones off all the RJ-45 outlasts and put cat 5 connections on the cables and then went straight into the UAP-IWs. If you’re doing something like that, I’d highly recommend just returning the UAP AC and buying those. Same performance. Easy as pie.

Yeah… I didn’t think about the in-wall APs. Definitely the cleaner install when a 1-gang box is already there. Great suggestion, @JRay.

As an engineer, I overthink things so that I can justify my salary!

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