Any SBC builders here?

I have a few SBCs here, one of which I just finished tonight.

My collection is small, but I have:

  • 2x SYM-1 (6502 based)
  • 2x Intel SDK-86 (8088 based)
  • 1 Fairchild F387X (F8 based)
  • 1 Odd Z80 based one I picked up over Thanksgiving PTO from Edgar Digital in Las Cruces
  • 1 Talking Electronics Computer (TEC 1D)

The TEC 1D was just finished tonight and I already modified it to have a 1/8" mono jack for using an Atari 2600 power brick and to use a switching regulator from ezSBC instead of a 7805. I’ve never programmed in assembly before but I’ve already been lighting up the LED segments by loading a register and outputting it to a port and playing songs on it. :slight_smile:


Z80 , RAM and EPROM!
Some latches and decoders.
Fond memories…
Love the “keyboard”