Any New Fusion Trainings Coming Up?


Are there any upcoming sessions to get trained on the new fusion? I’ve used it once before with the permission & guidance of the person who was setting it up and the rotor was just so much easier on it! I’m looking to get officially trained to use it. I’d like to make a mug as a birthday present for a friend.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


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I’m also interested in being trained on the new laser. I’ve got some powder coated cups I want to etch, and I’ve heard the rotary tool on the new laser is much better than it is on good 'ol Blitzen

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I can do some 1:1 trainings later this week. I’m also at the space right now, but planning on leaving around 6, but free to do it if you catch me. If you’d like to practice on the rotary, I’d suggest bringing something to try.

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Any chance you’ll be there Wednesday morning?

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Apologies, I will be at the space tomorrow morning. I need to set up a 3D print, but I should be around most of the day.

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Would you be willing to sign me off on the new laser/rotary tool around 2 or 3 pm tomorrow (Wednesday)?

Certainly. See you then.


No worries. I will be there in the morning and will shoot you a message to see if we can connect. Thank you!