Any large scrap plywood available?

I’m needing to make up a form to do some laminate wood bending and was wondering if anyone had any large pieces of plywood that they are going to scrap? Anything relatively thick around half sheet size would be very useful.

Thank you in advance.


There is free plywood on Craigslist (almost always - two listings when I posted this).

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Ask @PearceDunlap … on Sunday there was a fairly large piece of plywood being scrapped during the Logistics “off-siting”. It may already be history, however …

Unfortunately it belongs to mt.carrollton now. I wish it wasn’t the case

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I have a large piece of 3/4” available. I know it’s 96” long and at least 40” wide. Unfortunately, I don’t have a car large enough to transport but you’re welcome to get it at my house which is in Walnut Hill. Please PM me for address if you’re interested. Amy


This ad appears with a fair regularity on Craigslist