Any interest in having a wood kiln?

Would a kiln for drying green wood interest anybody? They’re easy to build and could be useful in the shop.


Yes and other characters

Having a kiln for green wood in the shop could be useful.

I’d be interested as well as several others that routinely turn green wood, especially bowls.

i regularly have access to green wood, but don’t have a space to store it, if there was a kiln to dry/season it i would have sooooo much wood

I’m not well versed in the act of drying wood but wouldn’t space be an issue? Even with the expansion, having large stacks of wood sitting around for months on end would be an issue, no? We already have people complaining about projects that are in the glue up stage

I didn’t see anyone saying they were planning on storing green wood at DMS- just using the kiln to dry it.

I would be interested yes, however to play devils advocate.

Even with a dehumidifier kiln it takes about a month in the box. Each species has its “safe” moisture removal levels that do need to be monitored in order to prevent cracking/warping…ruining the boards.

Besides space of the kin itself people will want to store green wood while waiting for the kin to free up. Whats to stop project storage being used to store green wood? Who will police the kiln? Will it be one person at a time using it or just trying to squeeze whatever whenever into it? Would the heat/dehumidifier controls be locked down? What happens if someones wood cracks/warps due to changes/or throwing it in with someone elses wood?

Logistically speaking could a shared kiln work?

Np, no one stated that but what I meant was it takes month(s) to dry wood. Is it just one person at a time and how much wood. All that takes space for a considerable amount of time

No one is saying that storage of green wood would be acceptable. If we had such a beast, I would think it working like a pinball machine or a ceramics kiln. A queue would be made and limited space would be maximized.

Depending upon the size of the kiln, a queue would be created and the chair would decide what style/species would go next. It could also be sorted by current moisture percentage and size of piece. For example, if we had a large amount of pen blanks, they could all go together, or giant slabs would go together.

I think it would be a great asset. Many woodworkers have an interest in using a locally sourced piece of green wood to produce something useful.

At the end if the day it would take space and planning for it to work properly. We do this currently with other committees, so I don’t see why this couldn’t work.

Many times people post about a pinball machine they want to fix and the answer is we just dont have room right now, and they get added to the list.

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